The Process


At Integrative Neuropsychological Services, our evaluations are client-focused.

How much do Neuropsychological Evaluations cost?

The cost of a Neuropsychological evaluation can range between $2000 and $6000 depending on the Neuropsychologist and the amount of time required to complete the evaluation. Many health insurance plans cover Neuropsychological evaluations, however the reimbursement rate is low and the reimbursement process can be arduous, so it is usually difficult to find a provider that accepts insurance directly. Integrative Neuropsychological Services PLLC does not accept insurance directly for Neuropsychological evaluations, however receipts are provided to facilitate out-of-network insurance reimbursement.  Integrative Neuropsychological Services strives to offer affordable rates for private Neuropsychological evaluations. Please call for a free consultation and price quote.

Dr. Ferrera has also worked with multiple law firms such as:

  • Advocates for Children
  • Partnership for Children’s Rights
  • Legal Aid Society
  • Law offices of Nancy Rothenberg
  • Aaronson Rappaport Feinstein & Deutsch LLP
  • Cuddy Law Firm PLLC
  • Law Offices of H. Jeffrey Marcus
  • New York Lawyers for Public Interest
  • MFY Legal Services
  • NY Legal Assistance Group
  • Law Office of Michelle Siegel
  • Law Offices of Neal H. Rosenberg
  • Law Offices of Regina Skyer & Associates
  • Susan Luger Associates


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