Just One Year inc.

Just One Year (JOY) Can Change a Life

JOY provides students from Middle and Low-Income families with tuition for specialized private schools. JOY cultivates learning for students who reside in our communities. Founded in 2016,  JOY Inc. is a non-profit foundation.

Our highest goal at Just One Year Inc. (JOY) is to change the lives of the students we sponsor by influencing their educational trajectory in a positive manner. JOY sponsors students to attend private specialized schools from which they would otherwise be excluded. Attending the correct school opens the door for students to become positive contributors, future entrepreneurs, inventors and job generators. JOY is a dedicated education-enabler that is focused on increasing scholastic options for NYC students with exceptional needs.

It's frustrating to see students who have potential to excel but are currently struggling and stagnated in their current school setting, especially when they have a seat waiting in a specialized private setting that would enable them to thrive. 

JOY sponsors students who want to learn, are intellectually gifted and have strong family support systems.

Help spread JOY within our communities and neighborhoods! If you know a student in need of financial support to attend a private specialized school, or if you are interested in supporting Just One Year Inc. (JOY), please contact us @JOY