Dr. Ferrera is a Neuropsychologist who offers both assessment and treatment services for children, teens and young adults with learning and developmental disabilities, anxiety, depression and disruptive behavior disorders. He has extensive experience working directly inside the school setting, which provides him unique insight on how each child’s constellation of symptoms will manifest in the classroom. This distinctive perspective allows Dr. Ferrera to make accurate diagnoses and effective recommendations.

Relevant Experience

  • Ph.D. from the Clinical Neuropsychology Ph.D. subprogram of the CUNY Graduate Center/Queens College (2009).

  • Worked and/or trained as a Neuropsychologist at leading sites throughout NYC, including NYU Rusk institute, the NYU Child Study Center and the Brooklyn Learning Center.

  • Worked as a supervising Psychologist and teacher liaison at multiple special education schools around NYC.

  • Experience working with children one-on-one after school to provide Psychological and/or academic support, including students from varying academic settings (i.e. private schools, public schools and non-public schools).

  • Extensive experience and training with various empirically-based reading remediation methods.

  • Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Pace University Psychology Graduate Program (1/2015-12/2018).